L'ontologie politique de Martin Heidegger

TitleL'ontologie politique de Martin Heidegger
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1975
AuthorsBourdieu, P
JournalActes de la recherche en sciences sociales
Publication Languageeng

The political ontology of Martin Heidegger. Philosophical discourse, like any other form of expression, is the product of trans. The language of Heidegger is an accomplished product of euphemistic expression which allows the appearance of political phantasms and compulsions within the limits of the philosophical definition of the expressable. This can be accomplished, for instance, by inserting such taboo words as {"Fürsorge"} into network of relationships in such a way that they become irrecognizable. By imposing a certain reverence, philosophical discourse practices form of symbolic violence. This reverence imposed by philosophical discourse is correlary to its acknowledgement as a product of philosophical endeavour. The resultant symbolic violence supposes the existence of the institutionalized circle of col lective misunderstanding. More precisely this circle is the set of social mechanisms which insures the regeneration of the corps of philosophy professors and of their ethico-political dispositions. Having once established the philosophical alchemy, one can define the expressive intent of work by comparing it with the less euphemistical discourses of the "revolutionary conservatives" {(Jünger}, Niekisch, Müller van den Bruck, etc.). In the same way, one can determine the laws of transformation to which the philosophical field of time (and, in particular, the confrontation with the {neo-Kantians} of Marburg) subjects this particular expressive intent. The works of Heidegger thus appear to be the product of a meeting between a position tobe taken within the field of philosophy and a system of ethico-political dispositions associated with particular social trajectory. Thusly, one can reconstitute the social development of the political ontology of Martin Heidegger, a political mood transformed by philosophical alchemy into ontology.

Short TitleL'ontologie politique de Martin Heidegger