Droit et passe-droit

TitleDroit et passe-droit
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsBourdieu, P
JournalActes de la recherche en sciences sociales
Publication Languageeng

Regulations and Exceptions. Like all regulations, which always allow the agents responsible for implementing them some scope for manoeuvre, from strict application to derogation and even simple transgression, the regulatory measures constituting "housing policy" are reinterpreted and redefined within the various territorial fields (regions, departements) in which the application of the building rules to particular cases is negotiated. In each case, the choices are defined within the specific power relations set up within administratively defined territorial units. The territorial authorities thus enter into complicated conflicts, negotiations and exchanges which incidentally allow the norms to be adapted to the situation.

Short TitleDroit et passe-droit