Le langage autorisé

TitreLe langage autorisé
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1975
AuthorsBourdieu, P
JournalActes de la recherche en sciences sociales
Publication Languageeng

Authorized language - the social conditionsof effective ritual discours. This article considers the protests addressed by congregation to its priest after he spoke out about the new liturgy for high communion. In this way, one can analyse the conditions of effective ritual discourse or of that particular form of discourse, the liturgy. The crisis of religious language (liturgy) and of the symbolic effectiveness of this language is a corrolary to the crisis of religious institutions (churches). This double crisis demonstrates a result that is contrary to the Austin types of analysis which search within the language itself in order to explain its "illocutionairy force". This double crisis shows in fact that the symbolic effectiveness of discourse is based upon the effectiveness of the institution by which the discourse was inspired, guaranteed and authorized through the delegation of its authority to the speaker.

Short TitleLe langage autorisé